Responsive web design Moving to a D2C freemium in preventative health


Product Designer


1.5 months


One of 2 designers, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Analytics, Subject Matter Expert (Heart Age), Developers


Locked Heart Age - macbook.png

How might we appeal to customers to see the value in investing in their health?


<aside> 👁️ To break the lock of lease revenue, SiSU Health envisioned a D2C revenue stream which leverages the Freemium business model. (Prior to August 2021, SiSU Health's services were all free to public).


The Brief

<aside> 🗣 To test the idea of Freemium and confirm the potential of the opportunity.


The Outcome(s)

<aside> ✅ Provided a business recommendation to the business.


<aside> 👌 Business case proven enough to go towards the next phase.


<aside> 🌱 SiSU Plus is now live with its first premium package and is now onto its next iteration.


My Responsibilities in this Project

<aside> 🧩 Discovery (2.5 weeks) Investigate whether or not there is a viable business case with Freemium.


<aside> ❤️‍🔥 Heart Age (3.5 weeks) Design the experience for the premium feature of Heart Age.