Taste is not an inherent quality, it needs to grow alongside other artistic skills like drawing, reading and seeing. One way of maintaining a fresh perspective is keeping track of the art you consume and revisit, most commonly by maintaining an inspiration folder.

Your sources can include anything: illustrations, paintings, photographs, books, quotes, poems, jokes, overheard phrases, noticed details, walks, memories, food, sounds, accidental arrangements, anything that moves, amuses, puzzles or interests you.

Created a folder with your name in the student uploads section, and add a folder for your assignments and your inspiration folder.

Write the name of each artist—additionally you may include links, descriptions, anything you feel like sharing.

Make an informal presentation of your folder—talk about the artists, what you find inspiring in their work, does it have any direct or indirect influence on your work, what is the secret behind their work's appeal.

Continue to populate the folder after the first session. You will have to make two more presentations—one midway through the semester, and another at the end of the semester.

The first presentation should have at least 5 images, the midpoint presentation at least 15 pieces, for the final one—at least 30.